This course will walk you through some of the ways Keynote can be used to animate and illustrate, addressing techniques for going beyond the basics. In addition to exploring the rationales and methods for making Keynote animations, attendees will also gain access to a collection of pre-built samples that they can use, reverse engineer, and adapt.
This workshop will focus on digital storytelling - using digital tools to tell stories of everyday people for educational purposes - with an emphasis on 360-degree video and cameras. The session will also address the role of virtual realities as they embody a constructivist learning approach because users are no longer beholden to predetermined viewing experiences but rather are afforded choice and agency. The session will begin with some general theoretical approaches and then transition to real-world tools and examples before ending with hands on experience creating short stories.
Doodles, diagrams, images, and their contextual position can both capture and convey messages and meaning in ways that text and words alone may not be able to. We'll explore approaches that students and teachers can use for visualizing ideas and demonstrating understanding through sketchnotes, whiteboarding, and reflective screencasting.
The roots of assessment come from two people sitting down together and coming to a mutual and confirmed understanding of the current state and charting a meaningful path to a desired future. In schools, it is not always easy to construct such moments. However, emerging technologies that allow educators to capture ideas, comments, and moments through media may help to bridge constraints of distance and time.
Learning to code is extremely important as it helps to develop key essential skills like problem solving, logical thinking and computational thinking. In this session we'll take a look at the fantastic Everyone Can Code curriculum and how the Swift Playgrounds app can introduce coding concepts using Swift code. Attendees will also get hands on with the Sphero SPRK+ and will program it using Swift Playgrounds and see how it can be used in cross curricular activities.
Teachers in Goochland County have adapted Agile Scrum to help students develop communication, collaboration, and time management skills. In this session, attendees will learn about the basic artefacts and procedures of a project executed using Scrum. Bea will share examples of projects and conversations with students and teachers in which they share their experiences with Scrum.
Every students should be able to create, work, learn and play on the iPad no matter their barrier to learning. This workshop aims to; inspire educators, raise awareness of the powerful assistive features that are built into the iPad and give concrete ideas to take away and use in the classroom.
A full production studio can fit in a backpack yet have the production capabilities of studio costing many thousands of dollars. In this workshop we will demonstrate MimoLive Reporter, MultiCam and Live:Air which are used for recording and streaming of multiple iOS devices when a single camera is not enough. We’ll show a simple setup and things you can do to expand the setup.
Green Screen Film Making is no longer something you have to wait for the next Hollywood Blockbuster to see. Now it can be accomplished in your classroom using just the iPad, a simple to use app and a green surface. Transport your students to far away lands or planets, take them back in time or explore the future. This workshop will show you how to easily set up a green screen film making studio in your classroom. Rest assured there will be lots of fun activities involved.
GarageBand on iPad enables teachers and students to create music and perform in the classroom using virtual torch instruments and loops. However, Music teachers are not the only ones who should get to have all the fun. This workshop will focus on using GarageBand to create expressive, professional sounding music which could be used in a range of multimedia projects. Attendees will also learn how to use GarageBand in other areas of the curriculum, such as English, History and Languages. Please bring your iPad with GarageBand preinstalled. Warning - This will be a lot of fun!
Clips is an iOS app for making and sharing videos with text, effects, graphics and music. Despite being a relatively new app, Clips has been embraced by teachers and students using iPad in the classroom due to its easy of use, wide range of features and variety of applications across the curriculum. Clips exemplifies the notion that the most powerful digital tools are often the most simple; allowing more time for learning. Attendees will learn how to use Clips to make and edit videos on iPad to support oral language skills, document and make visible learning in different subjects and create flipped learning videos. Please bring your iPad or iPhone with Clips preinstalled. Minimum requirements: iPad Air 1 and iPhone 5S running iOS 10.3 or later (Clips is compatible with all later models of iPad or iPhone)
This workshop will give administrators, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders a variety of tools and activities which will help them implement innovative professional learning practices on their sites or with their teams. You'll also learn where you can access over 50 easy to implement engaging professional learning 'recipes'.Please bring your iPad along with you!
What do we need to consider even before getting to what we are good at - pedagogy? Students and our own thoughts about ability and intelligence - can we build a workflow that is interesting and keeps the students motivated. Using our own knowledge and considering what we have learned from other sciences, how do we think around expression and motivation when we build our lessons. Why should we and how can we use a digital tool to implement all this and why iTunes U as your workflow instrument.
A. Looking at an iTunes U course.
B. Integrate Interactive textbooks into your course (and learn a bit of Swedish!).
This workshop will help teachers understand how to begin using Apple Classroom. We will show how to add students to a class create groups and manage the learning in your classroom. Classroom ensures that every child remains on task, you can view their screens airplay their work and launch apps, books and websites easily. Classroom turns your iPad into a teaching assistant!
This course will introduce and explore how the Apple Teacher program can be used with future teachers and for professional development of both college professors and practicing teachers. We will discuss how Apple Teacher works and how it can be used to in a variety of ways within teacher preparation curriculum and how it can be leveraged as support for content creation projects.
This course will demonstrate the potential of stop motion animation as a great way to incorporate various curriculum subjects and themes while encouraging students to collaborate and create on projects. iPads are an ideal tool to capture, edit and produce the films.
The workshop will explore the opportunities that mobile methodologies present in the classroom. We will expose attendees to apps that facilitate mobile, collaborative and student lead learning from early years to upper secondary. We will explore assessment opportunities that are unique to the iPad classroom
This interactive workshop will explore the potential of using iPad to enhance and transform Assessment For Learning, using a variety of tools and approaches combined with pedagogies viewed through a digital lens. iPads will be provided for this session.
There has never been a better time for teachers to create and distribute engaging, interactive learning materials. Teaching and learning with iPad doesn't mean you have to leave behind all the great learning resources you have created for your students through the years. Learn a quick and easy way to find additional digital materials and how to 'do the right thing' with Copyright and Creative Commons. Go hands-on with iBooks Author and transform existing leaning materials into interactive digital books that provide engaging learning experiences which can be used on your student's iPad.
This course will explore the role of iPads in effective provision for Dyslexic students The workshop will focus on the school experience of those with Dyslexia and how the use of iPad technology can address areas of literacy and self-esteem.